Our Goal

We are furniture refurbishing company and we have been in the business for generations. Our warehouse is a huge space where we employ several experts in this field. Our main goal has been to provide the customers with a full-service restoration space and a house for repairs. We have grown in strength and capabilities with time. Not only have we started undertaking simple jobs but we have faced many challenges that have helped us refurbish some period furniture.

We have a wonderful group of people in employment with us who have years of experience in the furniture making industry, experts who have built and refurbished antique furniture to bring it back to life.

Some of the goals we have set for ourselves are:

We offer our full range of services to our customers whether you are looking for a simple repair or to restore a period furniture that has been with them for a while. We offer custom building as well, which means that if you come to us with what you want, we can help you make it a reality. We offer these services for simple chairs to cabinets or kitchens.

We are constantly in touch with the most modern technologies that allow us to get better in our techniques to restore old furniture. So, we have figured out the best way to merge modern technology with our techniques to give the best results.

Whether it is a family heirloom or priceless investment, we promise to give our full attention and help to redeem the pieces to your satisfaction.
One of our main goals is to provide our best services and here we offer our site visitation as a service when you are looking to change more than a few things around your home. We will stop by to assess and give you a full report about how we plan to accomplish and what it will cost you.

Priming your furniture:

This is probably one of the most critical stages of painting your wood. How well you paint the primer on your wood will determine the final finish of the product. Some important pointers in this regard.


Our Team

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